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Do you have misted units?

Blown double glazingUnfortunately, double glazed sealed units don’t last forever- as a guide, sealed units should last 15-20 years.

Blown units have many descriptions but all mean the same thing: if your glass is cloudy, misty, steamed up or has a puddle inside it, then it needs to be replaced. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive process. Even if every pane is misty they can all be replaced. Square or diamond leads; Georgian bars or obscure glass- all can be changed.

Once they have started to mist up they will slowly get worse and worse. Generally, glass units that face the sun a lot of the day will give up quicker than those that don’t. If you suffer from this common problem then JML can replace just the glass for you. You do not need to change the whole window. Misted units can usually be changed in about 20 mins with no mess or remedial work needed.

Have you a broken or shattered unit?

Shattered Window

Shattered Window

Unfortunately, stones and lawnmowers don’t mix and at least twice a week, JML are out replacing shattered glass from flying stones.

If you’ve got a broken pane of glass we can replace it.

Need a Cat flap or a Dog flap fitted (or removed)?

We also supply and fit cat or dog flaps into sealed units. Unfortunately, this can’t be done into an existing sealed unit as you can’t cut existing toughened glass, so a new sealed unit is manufactured and installed with the customer keeping the old unit for a day they may need it installed again.

Equally, if you have an old cat/dog flap and no longer have the need for the flap, we can remove it and replace the panel.

Are you feeling a draught or excess noise?

Worn or gapping window hinges cause draughts, noise and spiders.

Why they break and how we replace:

If you can feel a draught, hear excessive noise or the window is hard to pull closed, then almost certainly you will need to replace your window hinge. Unfortunately, customers do not realise that, like the locks, your window hinges should be regularly oiled so they work smoothly. They work on friction and a made of metal. Over time the hinges wear and then stop pulling the window in tight. Once this happens the hinge can’t be repaired and needs to be replaced. Tell-tale signs are an excessive build up of dirt or dust behind where the window opens; hearing more noise from outside, or a draught and of course this is a nice and easy way for draughts, noise and spiders to get in! A simple test to see if your hinges are broken or gaping is to just open the window and pull closed slowly. If you have a gap at the top or bottom when closed, then your hinges need to be replaced.

It’s not always obvious to the customer and more often than not we have pointed the problem out when called out to look at something completely different.

Once the hinges are replaced the window will work like new, again keeping the heat in and the cold and noise out.

JML can also change standard hinges to fire escape hinges or maybe restrictor hinges that allow the window to open just a couple of inches until released- a popular option for parents of younger children or those living on higher floors.

Do you have trouble opening, closing or locking your doors?

At JML one of our most common calls is regarding doors that have dropped. If your door has dropped then you will probably suffer from one of the following issues:

  • having to slam the door to close it.
  • having to lift it whilst trying to lock it.
  • the door hitting the frame as it shuts.
  • a gap at the top or even the door not locking at all.

When glazed doors are first installed, an important part of the glazing is that the glass must be toe and heeled. If done properly the door will not drop. Unfortunately, time after time when called out the reason for the problem is that the toe and heeling hasn’t been done properly or even in some cases not done at all, causing the door to drop over time. JML can realign your door by toe and heeling properly so the door will work smoothly. If the problem is not toe and heeling then it may be a slight adjustment to the door or the hinges- either way JML can get that annoying door working smoothly.

Do you have windows or doors that won’t open or close?

If your window/door won’t open, then almost certainly your lock or handle has broken.

Whereas a handle is quite easy to replace, the lock can be a different matter all together. Over the years there have been many different manufactures of locks for doors and windows. JML will always try and match your existing lock with the new lock, but if it’s been discontinued, then we carry many different locks on the van for a same day service or can order from our stockists vast range.

Other services JML Window Repairs offer:

With time, fashions change or maybe you have just moved and don’t like the existing windows?

  • JML Window Repairs can help. You don’t need to have the expensive upheaval you would have had years ago.
  • If you don’t like the glass we can change just the glass.
  • Maybe leads or Georgian bars can be replaced with a clear energy saving glass rejuvenating the appearance of your home at a fraction of the cost.
  • Your window handles can also be changed: old fashioned bulky, gold handles can be changed for a modern slimline, white or chrome.
  • If you don’t like the patterned glass in the bathroom, this too can be changed for something more modern.

Trustworthy and reliable

JML Window Repairs is a small, friendly window and door repair company with nearly 40 years experience in the double glazing industry. Built on trust and reliability, we have grown purley based on word of mouth.
We love and take pride in our stunning work and would like to hear about it your next project!

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